Sponge Mix Princess Vanilla
  • Sponge Mix Princess Vanilla
  • Sponge Mix Princess Vanilla

Sponge Mix Princess Vanilla


What makes this product unique is the fact that a huge variety of baked goods can be produced with it by just adding fillings, spices or flavours (Moist cakes, muffins, puddings, etc.).

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The mix itself is in a powder form. The basic recipe on the label only requires water, eggs and oil to be added to the Princess Cake Mix, the mixing time is no longer than a total of 6min. From the basic recipe you can produce plain muffins, cup cakes, plain madeira's and queen Cakes. This mix is also designed to hold fillings like Choc chips, carrots, fruits, etc., also spices and flavours. This allows you to produce carrot cake, fruit cake, variety of flavoured muffins with fillings, flavoured cake loafs, a range of baked puddings etc. The fact that a lot of products can be produced with one mix, the baker can mix one big batter at once and keep the mixer open for other production, saving the baker a lot of time.


Wheat flour (gluten), Sugar, Unhydrogenated vegetable oil (Soya, TBHQ, Citric acid), Milk solids, Starch (Maize), Raising agents, Salt, Stabiliser, Flavouring


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